Practice Areas

Deportation Defense - If you are placed in Removal Proceedings and have a court date with an Immigration Judge, there are several options that can be explored to stop your deportation process.

Family Immigration - Certain family members can petition for close relatives and can sponsor those relatives for a green card to stay in the United States permanently.

Business Immigration - A business can sponsor a foreign worker in certain situations on both a temporary and permanent basis.

Victim-Based Immigration - There are several forms of relief available to immigrants who have been victims of violence or other types of crimes.

Divorce/Child Custody - Going through a divorce or fighting for the custody of a child can be a challenging and difficult time.  Porter Legal Group can help walk you through the entire process.

Criminal Defense - Our office is experienced in criminal defense and can help with any level of offense from possession of paraphernalia to murder and can even assist with Federal charges like conspiracy or illegal re-entry.