L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa is a temporary visa that a business abroad can use to send employees to the United States to perform work at its affiliated business in the United States. There are two types of L-1 visas:
  1. L-1A - The L-1A visa is for an executive or manager level position for a company that needs to perform managerial work at its affiliate business in the United States. The business must show that this employee is at the managerial level and that there is a need for a manager at its business in the United States. Within the L-1A category, there is a new office option which a business can use if it is looking to open a new business here in the United States. The requirements for documentation are extremely difficult to navigate and Porter Legal Group, PLLC can assist your business with all required documentation.
  2. L-1B - The L-1B visa is for an employee of a foreign company who has 'specialized knowledge' of the foreign company's operations to come to the United States and work for an affiliated company here. The requirements for the L-1B visa are similar to the L-1A except that the business must show how this employee has specialized knowledge. There is also something called a 'Blanket L' petition where a company can send several employees on one application to the United States to work for its affiliated company.
Dependents of L-1 visa holders are also eligible to come to the United States if they are a spouse or a child. The application process is completed with USCIS and the foreign consulate from the country where the business operates. This complicated process can be made easier by speaking with an attorney from Porter Legal Group, PLLC who can help your business complete the process successfully.